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We’re crazy and we’re cute!!!

I’ve met a lot of healers and all kind of gurus (but only one real one – though he’s too handsome and cool to name) in my life and have always asked the same question: why do I have so many crazy people in my life?   Funny enough, I always get the same answer […]



“Love. Fall in love and stay in Love. Write only what you love. You have to get up in the morning and write something you love, something to live for.” Ray Bradbury This inspired me so much I intend to make it my morning meditation. Starting today. I will start making something to live for […]


Something special…

  A  lovely hello from sunny Ibiza today … it’s the weekend and we’re getting organized for a special shoot on Monday. Why special? Well apart from the fact everything I do I inject with special magic and  it makes the world feel better, this one’s especially for, It’ll be a bit different because we’re purposely not […]


Champagne & Champs-Élysées

                                                   Who doesn’t get inspired by Paris?…..What girl doesn’t fall with the city of love and light and get bedazzled by its heady romance? I needed some time out with my […]


Kurru Kurru Haute Couture Collection!

It feels good to write this blog. I never thought I would or even could write, but like life shows us every day, things change and so do we.  Exactly this happened to me when I was designing the latest haute couture collection – I fell in love with a wonderful and very inspiring person. […]



Today I thought I’d introduce to anyone who doesn’t know him, GEISHA. He is the reason I’ve always had problems meeting guys on the island. We work 24/7 together and people think he is my husband! Well he isn’t !!! Just so you know Our first meeting was very unorthodox. I interviewed him in 2007 […]


Marinela here – Be your own Guru… Kurru Kurru !

I believe we must be the bosses of our own life. No one knows better how to be us than us. I moved to Ibiza in 2006 after studying Fashion in Miami and created Kurru Kurru. I started designing one-off couture creations and then progressed to producing ready-to-wear fantasy-glamor party dresses. Eight years on my technique has […]