Cotton Beach Clube Lifestyle Store by Kurru Kurru Cala tarida

What’s new in 2017 …..?

For the summer season 2017 Kurru Kurru will open a new store by the beach. In colaboration with the Cotton Beach Club we will present the Cotton Lifestyle Store by Kurru Kurru. An exceptional ambience with a breathtaking view and high class food will caress your soul and inspire your imagination. The store will feature […]

The Biollection

  And here they are!!!…. the first pics of the latest Kurru Kurru fotoshoot featuring the „Biollection “. The summer hit Ibiza with full impact and we surfed that wave ashore. The first presentation of the Biollection at the Coco Beach Opening surprised the people and ispired the audience to think about the amounts of […]

Ibiza 24/7 ……

10:00 am: You woke up and took a dip in your pool and it’s time for breakfast. 11:00 am: Draw yourself a face and get dressed for shopping…….the dinner party starts at 10pm. 12:00 pm: ………high noon……….arrival in the city and still no parking spot. 12:30 pm: Finally find a parking spot and the moment […]

Unique Jewelry

I am very excited and can’t wait to see your reactions when you see the unique and outstanding pieces of one of our new designers. Me personally I love them so much and can’t wait to have my own jewelry from Petra Hauser for the first time. I feel very connected to her because we […]

What I enjoy most…..

After 8 years now having and doing kurru kurru the thing I enjoy most are the fashion-shoots. Watching those first pieces of the collection come alive, Watching how when one of the models puts them on it transforms them – like watching a little girl become a beautiful woman. And viewing the scene from my […]

What to wear to the “Openings”….

  Sunday afternoon 28° Degrees in Ibiza. Sitting in my garden and listening to spanish guitar and since from now on every day is another opening party and we all want to look our best, I thought I make a small selection for you ladies what to wear. All these pieces look sexy but are […]

Ganz in Weiss…..

  White is the color of the empty page, white is the color of your wedding dress and white is the color of this island. White seems to me like the first step in a new adventure, a story that’s still to be written, a love that starts new with those butterflies in your stomach; […]

" The Mona Lisas "

Shop and go…….

    Spring has arrived and the sun starts to warm our island……Love is in the air. Artists, Tourists and Friends are coming back with new stories and far out ideas. We will unite those stories and ideas in a big creativity pool called “Fashion Fusion”. A trendsetting Meet and Greet celebrated on the Kurru […]

The Afterwork Sleeve

Well well ladies, is it not always annoying that sometimes we have to waist so much time after work to get back home to get changed to go to a party? This is when I mostly lose the moment of being spontaneous. Sometimes I get home and once I’m there I find so many other […]

That Dress to remember

   I don’t know how most of you feel when you have to move or maybe you never moved at all and still live in the city that you were born but me I had to move most of my life. And every time you leave something behind. Sometimes because you want to and sometimes […]