Our label “ Kurru Kurru “  influences European Summertrends since 2008. „ From Ibiza around the world “ has been the Slogan ever since. The „ Kurru Kurru Biolection “ is not just a trademakt but a life style choice. Biological materials and vegan prints handcrafted in Europe for reasonable salaries are the fundament of exquisite Haute Couture Designs in a high class quality. Cuts and designs are created and crafted in Ibiza in order to maintain the magical ambience of the Island and reflect its multicultural influences in the creation. Even though we are based in Ibiza we do not only dress the rich and famous. We also pride ourselves with an exclusive selection of bridal gowns and a 24 hour SOS party service that includes a full styling in your hotel room in case you just checked your luggage and that thought thunders thru your head : „ O my god…..I have nothing to wear…“