Beautiful as you…

By Marinela

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Today something short and just because I feel to share this with you…

Didn’t know what to wear this morning and felt like wearing my pyjamas….and so i did.

I am wearing my pyjamas and i look great.


And I’m thinking love is like playing music: first you must know the rules then you must forget the rules and play from the heart.


You can adopt the same for fashion. If you have learned the do’s and the don’ts you just follow your heart and your instincts. No one knows better than you in terms of what you look great in moment to moment.

If you feel comfortable and like yourself with what you are wearing so will others.


They will recognize your confidence and will see you the same way you see yourself and appreciate your look. And if they don’t, so what – it’s your life and you just have one.


So dear ladies mainly what I’m trying to say is wear whatever you like, do whatever you want, don’t forget to love, and follow your heart! “Fuck the rules.”

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