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Ibiza 24/7 ……

10:00 am: You woke up and took a dip in your pool and it’s time for breakfast. 11:00 am: Draw yourself a face and get dressed for shopping…….the dinner party starts at 10pm. 12:00 pm: ………high noon……….arrival in the city and still no parking spot. 12:30 pm: Finally find a parking spot and the moment […]

What to wear to the “Openings”….

  Sunday afternoon 28° Degrees in Ibiza. Sitting in my garden and listening to spanish guitar and since from now on every day is another opening party and we all want to look our best, I thought I make a small selection for you ladies what to wear. All these pieces look sexy but are […]

I had sex wearing your dress…

Yesterday I had sex wearing your dress It’s the most satisfying feeling for me as a designer when I get postive feedback from my friends, clients and the public about my fashion. It keeps me going and makes me not give up on my dream. I am writing this now because I just received some […]

Must do this summer in Ibiza!

Must do this summer in Ibiza   Don’t you just love it to be in Ibiza in the summer? And don’t you just love to sail to Formentera and enjoy hanging around beautiful villas by the pool with friends, ears soothed by chilled music, champagne and what-have-you? Well I guess we all do…and we do […]