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The Biollection

  And here they are!!!…. the first pics of the latest Kurru Kurru fotoshoot featuring the „Biollection “. The summer hit Ibiza with full impact and we surfed that wave ashore. The first presentation of the Biollection at the Coco Beach Opening surprised the people and ispired the audience to think about the amounts of […]

What I enjoy most…..

After 8 years now having and doing kurru kurru the thing I enjoy most are the fashion-shoots. Watching those first pieces of the collection come alive, Watching how when one of the models puts them on it transforms them – like watching a little girl become a beautiful woman. And viewing the scene from my […]

Kurru Kurru goes hippy chick

  As promised here’s my blog for today with some updates on our latest shoots. I could hug the whole world. The last month has been so full of creative work and this is what us designers live for. It is so great to work with photographers, stylists and different make-up artists. It helps to see […]