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Kurru Kurru by night….

  Friends will be friends …….. and so it occurs that Kurru Kurru will start a collaboration with the fine Restaurant of Casa Colonial in Summer 2018.  On May 16th Kurru Kurru will open and host the „Galeria „ of Casa Colonial.  We will equip the Boutique with our well known stock of vegan products, […]

Cotton Beach Clube Lifestyle Store by Kurru Kurru Cala tarida

What’s new in 2017 …..?

For the summer season 2017 Kurru Kurru will open a new store by the beach. In colaboration with the Cotton Beach Club we will present the Cotton Lifestyle Store by Kurru Kurru. An exceptional ambience with a breathtaking view and high class food will caress your soul and inspire your imagination. The store will feature […]

Ibiza 24/7 ……

10:00 am: You woke up and took a dip in your pool and it’s time for breakfast. 11:00 am: Draw yourself a face and get dressed for shopping…….the dinner party starts at 10pm. 12:00 pm: ………high noon……….arrival in the city and still no parking spot. 12:30 pm: Finally find a parking spot and the moment […]

What I enjoy most…..

After 8 years now having and doing kurru kurru the thing I enjoy most are the fashion-shoots. Watching those first pieces of the collection come alive, Watching how when one of the models puts them on it transforms them – like watching a little girl become a beautiful woman. And viewing the scene from my […]

Ibiza Fashion

Kurru Kurru is a life style!!

  Finally, it feels great to be here in my new little shop today at Marina Botafoch in between the palms – best view you could ask for. Was looking the other day for a postcard to send to a good friend and realized I live in a postcard so decided to take a picture […]

Time is unstoppable!!

Sometimes it’s time to say goodbye to the past and welcome something new. Time is unstoppable even if we all sometimes wish we could stop it when something beautiful happens, but maybe we wouldn’t appreciate the beauty as much as we do if time froze to allow it to go on forever. But we can’t […]

We’re crazy and we’re cute!!!

I’ve met a lot of healers and all kind of gurus (but only one real one – though he’s too handsome and cool to name) in my life and have always asked the same question: why do I have so many crazy people in my life?   Funny enough, I always get the same answer […]


Today I thought I’d introduce to anyone who doesn’t know him, GEISHA. He is the reason I’ve always had problems meeting guys on the island. We work 24/7 together and people think he is my husband! Well he isn’t !!! Just so you know Our first meeting was very unorthodox. I interviewed him in 2007 […]

Marinela here – Be your own Guru… Kurru Kurru !

I believe we must be the bosses of our own life. No one knows better how to be us than us. I moved to Ibiza in 2006 after studying Fashion in Miami and created Kurru Kurru. I started designing one-off couture creations and then progressed to producing ready-to-wear fantasy-glamor party dresses. Eight years on my technique has […]