Heart broken…

By Marinela

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It’s been quite a while since I last said hello and what a movie it’s been these last couple of months.
It started with some spectacular events in August at Coco Beach in Ibiza – endless fashion show entertainment. With everything from flying beds and naked bodies to burning bikes in the sky as a melodramatic backdrop for our exclusive customer following to see our fabulous unique haute couture pieces.
And it ended with something so terrible it made my heart break in pieces like a delicate vase of the thinnest glass ever made falling on a marble floor.
One morning I was about to open the kurru kurru showroom and through the window could see to my horror that all my babies were gone – all stolen. Yes, sad but true and so sad this could happen here on our beloved and normally loving white island. We got robbed and all is gone. Can’t change that but what I can do and did do, is just start over again.
But out of adversity comes progress.
Pass by the showroom and take a look at our new winter collection – I suspect you’ll be as excited about our new haute couture masterpieces as I am. Meantime we carry on because we are undoubtedly crazy and the ones who are crazy enough to believe that they can change the world are the ones who do.
Whatever life puts you through, keep believing in your dream and never give up.
Forever in love,
kurru kurru

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