I had sex wearing your dress…

By Marinela

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Yesterday I had sex wearing your dress

It’s the most satisfying feeling for me as a designer when I get postive feedback from my friends, clients and the public about my fashion. It keeps me going and makes me not give up on my dream.

I am writing this now because I just received some pics from a dear friend wearing one of my dresses at a wedding in Portugal. It fills my heart with joy to see how she’s glowing and shining in her new pink dress. She looks so confident wearing it – and because I know that she mostly only wears pants, it makes me even more proud and satisfied. Thank you dear Jessica – you made me happy.

The other day I got an email from a nice lady who’s just getting divorced and bought one of the sexiest kurru kurru dresses ever – this is what she wrote to me:

“Yesterday I had sex wearing your dress. Men want me so much when i wear it. Hahha He even asked me to keep it on and couldn’t even wait until the end of the dinner“

Must say I thought immediately after reading this to go out wearing one of my dresses too.

But with whom to go for dinner?

Maybe just me and the dress will be enough to satisfy me.

I’ve enjoyed telling you this and hope you did too, and that you enjoy whatever it is you’re going to do today.

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