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By Marinela

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10:00 am: You woke up and took a dip in your pool and it’s time for breakfast.
11:00 am: Draw yourself a face and get dressed for shopping…….the dinner party starts at 10pm.
12:00 pm: ………high noon……….arrival in the city and still no parking spot.
12:30 pm: Finally find a parking spot and the moment you open the car door a wall of heat hits your whole body like a hot turkish bath.
01:00pm: After a three mile walk you finally see a shop you like.
01:30 pm: Finally a shop assistant pays attention to you and the waiting time in the long line in front of the changing rooms is over…….
02:00 pm: You’ve tried on a couple of styles and finally decided to buy one of the items.
02:15 pm: While you are still waiting for the girl behind the cash register to understand how the credit card machine works you start worrying if you own              the right shoes for the dress you just bought.
02:30 pm: You are back in the street……walking……sweating and trying to find the shoe shop.
03:00 pm: Finally you see an amazing pair of shoes in a shop window. You get excited and go inside. The shop assistant tells you they don’t have your size…….you try them on anyway because you’ve walked so much you just want to sit down for a minute.
03:15 pm: …………..walking in the street again.
03:30 pm: You finally find a great pair of shoes for your new dress but the credit card machine in the shop is broken so you have to go to an ATM machine to draw the cash to pay the shop assistant.
03:45 pm: You’ve walked from the shop to the cash machine and back, you have your shoes, you have your dress but you missed your hairdresser appointment at 3.30pm.
04:00 pm: Again you are wandering around the city to find some hair and beauty products to make up for the missed hair and styling appointments.
05:30 pm: You look at your watch and realize that you’ve lost 1 hour because you let yourself go and bought a handbag here and some earrings there………now you are in a hurry……but you’ve forgotten where you parked your car.
06:00 pm: You finally find your car after you’ve walked for miles packed with shopping bags like a donkey in the mountains, sweat running down your back..
06:30 pm: You’ve almost made it back home when the police stop you for speeding and hand you a ticket and a fat fine.
07:00 pm: You reach your house, unpack your beauty products, jump in the shower, get the make up going, style your hair, through on your new dress, slip into your new shoes and give your eyebrows the last trim.
09:00 pm: You are ready to go but you are sweating again and actually you are so tired from all the walking, all the running, all the searching, all the driving and the stress that came with it that you are ready to back to bed…….

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