Kurru Kurru goes hippy chick

By Marinela

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As promised here’s my blog for today with some updates on our latest shoots.

I could hug the whole world. The last month has been so full of creative work and this is what us designers live for.

It is so great to work with photographers, stylists and different make-up artists. It helps to see your designs through somebody else’s eyes.

Recently I’ve been shooting alot with Eva Kruiper www.evakruiperphotography.com. She is an amazing and very talented photographer and young lady,-)

We met many years ago but like it always is in life you always meet important people again in this lifetime (or another).

She shot my new catalogue with her other half Diva Borelli. The female power and energy made us closer and work more harmoniously together. I was very pleased when they chose my clothes for another shoot and was very surprised with the result.


It shows kurru kurru in a completely different way I hadn’t known was possible.  Very hippy. I don’t exactly know why i’ve always had an antipathy to the hippy way of dressing. Maybe I didn’t want to fit into all the ibiza trend to design hippy. Personaly i love the elegant, feminine and sexy way of dressing and i guess i was blind. Love has no rules and nor does fashion or style.

When i see the pics i don’t feel my haute couture pieces are at all misplaced.

I feel they are just right.


Kurru kurru can deffinitly be hippy chick asell.


Thank you eva

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