live it and love it

By Marinela

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Life is so short – live it and love it – it’s so rare, so grab it. Memories are sweet, cherish them.

I try to remember these truths everyday and so I hope you do too.

I know we all think that we have a whole life in front of us and everyone tries to convince me of it but i think all these people are wrong (sorry grandma).

Life is only now, this moment is life, this second – and I want to live it now and don’t want always to find false comfort in assuming I have tomorrow and the rest of my life in front of me.I want to share this moment with you now. Who knows what the next moment will be or even if it will be.

I want to fly today, I want to love in this moment, in this second now. Tomorrow is too far away for me to think of, and may never arrive anyway.

So much love to give today so much sensation and feeling to share. Let’s hold each other today and if we are still here tomorrow, even better, and if not I don’t want to regret not giving my love today.

From kurru kurru with love and if you are asking yourself what this all has to do with fashion, well than why wait for tomorrow to show your love to my beautiful dresses, come and get them now and if you want to make love with them and then take them home, even better.

My dresses are to love and make love in (if you like).

From Kurru Kurru with Love!

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