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I believe we must be the bosses of our own life. No one knows better how to be us than us. I moved to Ibiza in 2006 after studying Fashion in Miami and created Kurru Kurru. I started designing one-off couture creations and then progressed to producing ready-to-wear fantasy-glamor party dresses.

Eight years on my technique has developed – I’m now using rare and precious fabrics from around the world – silk, lace, organza, sometimes dotted, sometimes festooned with Swarovski crystals and intricate beadwork – and if that sounds gauche, don’t get the wrong idea – this is pure class, baby, and so am I.

For this coming Ibiza summer season I’ve taken my technique to the next level and I’m now applying it to a new wedding dress collection.

If you ask me do I love Ibiza? No I don’t. I adore Ibiza. Ibiza is home and the place where my dreams come true.

This year I’m opening a real swanky online shop, launching a new website to let you know about my fresh creations as they come through, right hot off the press.

But the main excitement is a gorgeous new HQ boutique beneath the swaying palms of Marina Botafoc.

I hope this blog will help you to keep up to date on new creations, my collections, my news and details of all my fashion shows on the island this summer. Kurru Kurru fashionshows are not just events. We consider them as social happenings where people enjoy the combination of good company and beautiful ambience and creative fashion.

I work with a coooool team – my right hand man is called Geisha and he’s a bit of a genius – and we get up to all sorts of fashion fun – we’ll tell you about it here as we go along.

Geisha has worked with me from the beginning – we’re a bit cute like Laurel and Hardy. Before teaming up with me he worked for the Paris Opera, Cartier, Etro , Hermes, Diesel, Luis Vuitton, so, obviously when he joined Kurru Kurru, he was on another level. He was also a stylist for various glossy magazines.

Sarah, costume assistant, works with me organizing shows and shoots.

My Brother George, from the “virtual world” is our official photographer. And my wonderful Mother, though she doesn’t officially form part of the working crew is the empress of my world.

Last but not least, Lucrezia the zany cleaner, without whom, though utterly potty, Kurru Kurru would be a proper mess at the end of each day.

Good talking to you. Stay tuned for more.

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