Ganz in Weiss…..

  White is the color of the empty page, white is the color of your wedding dress and white is the color of this island. White seems to me like the first step in a new adventure, a story that’s still to be written, a love that starts new with those butterflies in your stomach; […]

" The Mona Lisas "

Shop and go…….

    Spring has arrived and the sun starts to warm our island……Love is in the air. Artists, Tourists and Friends are coming back with new stories and far out ideas. We will unite those stories and ideas in a big creativity pool called “Fashion Fusion”. A trendsetting Meet and Greet celebrated on the Kurru […]

The Afterwork Sleeve

Well well ladies, is it not always annoying that sometimes we have to waist so much time after work to get back home to get changed to go to a party? This is when I mostly lose the moment of being spontaneous. Sometimes I get home and once I’m there I find so many other […]

That Dress to remember

   I don’t know how most of you feel when you have to move or maybe you never moved at all and still live in the city that you were born but me I had to move most of my life. And every time you leave something behind. Sometimes because you want to and sometimes […]

Heart broken…

It’s been quite a while since I last said hello and what a movie it’s been these last couple of months. It started with some spectacular events in August at Coco Beach in Ibiza – endless fashion show entertainment. With everything from flying beds and naked bodies to burning bikes in the sky as a […]

Kurru Kurru goes hippy chick

  As promised here’s my blog for today with some updates on our latest shoots. I could hug the whole world. The last month has been so full of creative work and this is what us designers live for. It is so great to work with photographers, stylists and different make-up artists. It helps to see […]

White night

  What an amazing week this has been and it’s getting better. The white night at Coco Beach was the event last weekend. Romantic ambient, great food, beautiful people, gorgeous models, a flying bed, great acrobats, singers and violinists and fabulous dj. The moment the bed flew over the heads of the guests with the […]

I had sex wearing your dress…

Yesterday I had sex wearing your dress It’s the most satisfying feeling for me as a designer when I get postive feedback from my friends, clients and the public about my fashion. It keeps me going and makes me not give up on my dream. I am writing this now because I just received some […]

live it and love it

Life is so short – live it and love it – it’s so rare, so grab it. Memories are sweet, cherish them. I try to remember these truths everyday and so I hope you do too. I know we all think that we have a whole life in front of us and everyone tries to […]

Beautiful as you…

  Today something short and just because I feel to share this with you… Didn’t know what to wear this morning and felt like wearing my pyjamas….and so i did. I am wearing my pyjamas and i look great.   And I’m thinking love is like playing music: first you must know the rules then […]