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By Marinela

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Spring has arrived and the sun starts to warm our island……Love is in the air. Artists, Tourists and Friends are coming back with new stories and far out ideas. We will unite those stories and ideas in a big creativity pool called “Fashion Fusion”. A trendsetting Meet and Greet celebrated on the Kurru Kurru Terrace in Botafoch. We will forge old and new friendships, meet business partners and create possibilities.
We invited 10 designers from around the island to ease any kind of “fashaholism”.

For the shopaholics among you this event will save you miles of walking. Remember when the shoe shop you like so much is 8 blocks away from the boutique where you saw the perfect dress for the shoes you just bought……and there is lots of traffic and no parking spot……and by the time you arrive your heels are already broken from the marathon……..and still you have to go to another shop to get the right handbag……..and that shop is on the other side of town……….and when you arrive you find out that the handbag you wanted is sold out…….now you have to go back downtown.
Well ladies those days are over…….at “Fashion Fusion” all those shops come to us……..including the bar, not to lose the ritual of toasting to a successful shopping venture. Also you will meet your tailors…..and you can tell him/her your most precious fashion fantasy and maybe have him/her make that special piece for you.
So come around on 9th of April, have a drink, get catered, make some new friends, find sponsors and get creative……see you there.


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