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Kurru Kurru by night….

  Friends will be friends …….. and so it occurs that Kurru Kurru will start a collaboration with the fine Restaurant of Casa Colonial in Summer 2018.  On May 16th Kurru Kurru will open and host the „Galeria „ of Casa Colonial.  We will equip the Boutique with our well known stock of vegan products, […]

What’s new in 2018

Kurru Kurru will open the Cotton Lifestyle Store at Cotton Beach Club on 1st of May 2018. We will celebrate the beginning of the Summer Season with our Staff, Friends, Clients and some of the young designers we will promote this year. We will present the new Kurru Kurru Collection. Our 2018 Collection was inspired […]

La Nobila boho chic jewellery handmade in Switzerland


PERLA PRINCIPESSA AND LA NOBILA Also in Summer 2017 Kurru Kurru presents the passionately crafted art of Perla Principessa. The Swiss goldsmith once again raised the bar thru creativity and a glance of extravagance without loosing the elegance of classic lines. Jewelry that inspires and ads elegance to any outfit. Besides the presented pieces in […]


“Love. Fall in love and stay in Love. Write only what you love. You have to get up in the morning and write something you love, something to live for.” Ray Bradbury This inspired me so much I intend to make it my morning meditation. Starting today. I will start making something to live for […]


Today I thought I’d introduce to anyone who doesn’t know him, GEISHA. He is the reason I’ve always had problems meeting guys on the island. We work 24/7 together and people think he is my husband! Well he isn’t !!! Just so you know Our first meeting was very unorthodox. I interviewed him in 2007 […]