That Dress to remember

By Marinela

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I don’t know how most of you feel when you have to move or maybe you never moved at all and still live in the city that you were born but me I had to move most of my life. And every time you leave something behind. Sometimes because you want to and sometimes because you have to. As a child refugee like I was you must expect it to be that way or get used to it, but somehow every single time it happens it makes a hurricane of your feelings, your emotions swirling, fire dancing inside your stomach. Understanding it and making it into a art of spiritual exercise can be very inspiring too, on the other hand. You go through your old stuff, mostly clothes that are imbued with memories, and you go back in time feeling the air that night, that day, or that vacation, and the people and places connected to that memory, and you have to keep that piece of clothing and still keep him in your heart ( if you know what i mean). 😉 well just so you know I did decide to keep some nice memories. So please ladies just wear Kurru Kurru with that special guy and keep them in your heart: the dress and the guy.

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