The Afterwork Sleeve

By Marinela

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Well well ladies, is it not always annoying that sometimes we have to waist so much time after work to get back home to get changed to go to a party? This is when I mostly lose the moment of being spontaneous. Sometimes I get home and once I’m there I find so many other things to do or not do that I never make it to the party. And this is exactly what inspired me to design the ‘Afterwork Sleeve’.

Since you all know by now how we at Kurru Kurru love to party……and our Geisha most so, the Afterwork Sleeve is also cool for guys.

Is is a leather bolero with only one sleeve and comes in different colors. It fits in every Handbag and is that ‘It piece’ that transforms every outfit into a ‘Look’. You can wear it with jeans and a tank-top and you’ll be bang on for the spotlight at any villa or club party. Even on top of that little black dress every girl has in her closet. With the Afterwork Sleeve it will look like completely another dress, and we all know we don’t want to wear the same dress more than once. So don’t miss any minute of the party, ladies – cary the “Afterwork Sleeve” with you and always be prepared for that party‚Ķ

From Kurru Kurru with Love!

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