The Biollection

By Marinela

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And here they are!!!….

the first pics of the latest Kurru Kurru fotoshoot featuring the „Biollection “. The summer hit Ibiza with full impact and we surfed that wave ashore.

The first presentation of the Biollection at the Coco Beach Opening surprised the people and ispired the audience to think about the amounts of chemicals their bodys absorbe every day from their wardrobe via their skin. Why would anybody want to sit in a nice restaurant to order healthy food while poisoning the own skin with poisoness materials and prints ? The models „Fire“ and „Starspangle“ have been sold out the same day.

In the pics you will see some models of our all round natural conception ……organic materials, biological prints that show impresions of nature created by international artist each named after its own natural inspiration.

A clearer look at the new style will soon be delivered with some new Kurru Kurru Image Films shot by Cifteli Pictures on Ibiza last month…….stay tuned to find out. …….;-)

Touched by her beauty

Touched by her beauty



Photographer: Natalie Beth Harris ( )

Hair and make-up: Lianne Claire ( )

Models: Kim Schmocke and Zoi7

Fabrics: and prints by


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