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By Marinela

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I am very excited and can’t wait to see your reactions when you see the unique and outstanding pieces of one of our new designers.
Me personally I love them so much and can’t wait to have my own jewelry from Petra Hauser for the first time. I feel very connected to her because we share the enthusiasm for distant countries and especially for Southeast Asia. On one of her trips along the Burmese border, she discovered her Passion for blue-green iridescent beetle shells that have become her trademark. The jewelry collection “Cochine” drew (among other things in Vogue Gioiello) international acclaim. Together with the artist Marianne Cornelius, known for her “Soumak” weavings technique, designer Petra Hauser developed this unique jewelry.
You can come and have a look yourself from 3rd of June at our Boutique Kurru Kurru in Passeig Maritimo. Here though some first impressions to make you as excited as I am.

Cochine Cornelius
Foto credit: Cinq production


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