What’s new in 2018

By Marinela Cifteli

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Kurru Kurru will open the Cotton Lifestyle Store at Cotton Beach Club on 1st of May 2018. We will celebrate the beginning of the Summer Season with our Staff, Friends, Clients and some of the young designers we will promote this year.

We will present the new Kurru Kurru Collection. Our 2018 Collection was inspired in Africa and offers a stunning verity of wildlife prints with vegan colors on biological silk. The combinations of elegance and beauty, purity and innocence and the certainty of timeless intercontinental styles will stimulate your senses and surprise your expectations. All products are printed in Germany and handmade in Ibiza. In order to offer a wide verity of Styles  we have maintained our collaborations with the labels of „ Friendly Hunting , Virginia Macari, Lazul London, My Jewellery and Lina Casale from Los Angeles California. „

Like every year we will present some of the most innovative local designers just as well as a brand new selection of fine accessories.

We are looking forward to a colorful season and some of the extravagant events that Cotton Beach Club has planed for this summer .

See you on the beach…..

fashion at Cotton Beach Club


Photographers: Natalie Beth Harris and Rosa Scipion


Model: Lela Radulovic and Laura van Ree ( Models at Work Ibiza )



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