White night

By Marinela

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What an amazing week this has been and it’s getting better.

The white night at Coco Beach was the event last weekend. Romantic ambient, great food, beautiful people, gorgeous models, a flying bed, great acrobats, singers and violinists and fabulous dj. The moment the bed flew over the heads of the guests with the bride lying on it and removing her Kurru Kurru to show Lily Blossom’s bridal lingerie was breathtaking.

So safe bet to say get even more excited about this next Kurru Kurru Fashion Show at the “10 years Atzaro Fashion Festival”. Kurru Kurru will proudly present something not seen yet on Ibiza’s Catwalks.

Don’t want to reveal too much but the word is Lily Blossom and Tulpenblau have definitely arrived in Ibiza. So watch out and be prepared for some strong elements mixed with the romantic Kurru Kurru Style. Is all about the mix Ladies.

Elegant and sexy, playful and old-school.

The bedroom look is fashionable and stylish. Masks like those worn by gladiators in ancient Rome are the accessories.


Let’s play as long as we can and take what life is offering us. Let’s be different. Ibiza is all about that. Let’s be humans, children, lovers and of course fashionable. Let’s be different !

See you all on Wednesday (tomorrow) at Atzaro with Lily Blossom, Optica la Mar, Julia Cranz, Elena Estaun, Tulpenblau, and your beautiful hosts, Kurru Kurru.

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