Covid19 has changed our everyday lives. Having to wear a mask is one of those changes. FFP2 and N95 masks are hard to get and should remain reserved to protect hospital personal from the Corona Virus. Cheap throw away masks are already floating in our oceans by the millions. We think that reusable masks are the best option to participate in „flattening the curve“ without having to put a new burden on the back of our planet.

And who said that we all have to look like medics from a cheap soap opera ?

Let`s  flatten the curve….but let`s do it with style.
Kurru Kurru has created a collection of Haute Couture Community Masks.
Hand crafted multilayered masks, made of exquisite biological materials and with comfortable inlays.

The mask does not fit the dress ?

No problem ! Call us!

Kurru Kurru has started do design a limited edition of gowns and dresses that will automatically be delivered with a matching community mask.

Comfort and medical skin reactions

All Kurru Kurru Community Masks are made of biological materials and carry
chemical free prints. Our masks are suitable for rosacea and neurodermatitis patients.